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Futurecode and TinyApp will happily welcome all partners enthusiastic about encouraging and inspiring parents to raise healthy, confident and emotionally strong children, to join our partner program.


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Our mission

Positive Parenting from Finland was born out of the ever-growing demand for parenting guidance and support. Finland has been selected the happiest nation in the world for three years in a row. We also are proud to say that Finland is one of the most educated countries in the world with the best preschool. We wish to spread the word from Finland, offer parents support and confidence in their parenting skills.

Our mission is to bring practical insights, tools and techniques to parents in an easy to use audio-format. Only 15 minutes per day, anytime, any where!

Your role, and what we can offer

As our partner, you’d share our passion for helping and supporting parents! You can direct your visitors to Positive Parenting from Finland-course shop. We’ll support you with all the information you need and gladly help you to learn more about our philosophy on positive parenting from Finland and the excellence of our course offering.

To make it wort your effort we have created an attractive commission policy and payment. Find out more by contacting us at [email protected].

How to join

Joining is free and you will be rewarded for each Positive Parenting from Finland – course sold through your network. To sign up you only need to fill out a short application. Once your application is accepted, you can start selling Positive Parenting from Finland in your own channels!

The process:

  1. Partner promotes Positive Parenting from Finland on social platforms / blogs etc.
  2. Potential customer clicks on the link (with partners personal code) on the partners promotion and will be directed to Positive Parenting from Finland shop
  3. Customer orders the course or a module
  4. Partner receives commissions on bought courses and modules

 If you have any further questions, or want to get in touch with us, please write us at [email protected] and we’ll help you to get onboard!