Imagine the demanding world of the future. Our children will face fierce competition, constant change and global problems. Their world is totally different from ours. No wonder many parents feel puzzled and powerless. Parenting has indeed become increasingly challenging for all of us.

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The Challenge of Parenting

Do you ever ask yourself:


  • How can I help my child to make friends?
  • What to do when my child wants to quit his hobby?
  • Are their ways to limit screen time in a constructive way?
  • Why is my child feeling sad?
  • How can my child learn to use his strengths?

We are here to support and help modern time parents solve these challenges. In our new audio course we will share practical insights on what really works so that you can feel happier and more confident with your parenting ability. For almost any occupation you can study and even get a degree, but not in parenting. Now, finally we have a practical guide to help us all out.

Join us and start to enjoy the wonders of parenting!

Give yourself the support you need to become the parent you want to be.

The truth is, parenting is a tough job.

  • Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have. In this course we will focus on you as a parent.
  • Why not give yourself the support you deserve, so you can enjoy the journey?


Positive Parenting from Finland approach is science-based and parent-tested.

  • Finland is chosen as the happiest nation in the world, and at the same time our learning results are at the top of the world. Parenting supports children in their growth.
  • In this course, we will walk you through the chapters, deepening your understanding, answering your questions, and helping you put this approach into practice with your own child.


The authors have wide experience as educators and as parents.

  • The team working behind the scenes of Positive Parenting from Finland has professional experience in teaching, giving speeches and lectures about learning and creativity. And, we are also parents, so we understand how hard it can be – and how to make it easier!
  • So we give you hands-on, parent-proven strategies that are guaranteed to shift the dynamic in your home for the better.

This online course can change your life.

  • Whether you’re looking for specific tips on specific challenges or look for ways to improve your own parenting style for the benefit of your child, we are here for you. The course is created to offer insights, inspiration and guidance for everyday issues and real questions from parents all around the world.
  • Remember, this is the most important job you’ll ever have. By investing in knowledge, training, and education, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your family.

Why not try this course and see what kind of change you can make?

What you’ll learn

Understand the pedagogical approach from Finland

How to use positive pedagogy from Finland to raise confident and creative children

Learn practical tools and techniqus for every day purposes

Be inspired by your children

Find out essential facts about children’s development

Get guidance and support to become a successful parent

We have tailored the world’s best pedagogy and parenting into 4 modules and a total of 30 chapters

Our course is divided into 4 modules. Social, emotional, co-operation and creativity skills are the main topics of our modules. Learn more about each module.


These skills are at times referred to as the 21st century skills or transversal skills. They stretch into all aspects of life and learning. We believe these skills are the ones your child will need the most in the future, and that is why we call them the futureskills.

You and your child will learn skills that make it easy to make friends and prosper at school. You will learn to understand your emotions and take other’s emotions into account. You learn to work in teams, as everyone should in the future. You also gain tools to improve your creativity and innovation ability. Just to mention a few!

In addition to our four modules we offer six bonus chapters on contemporary challenges of today!

Join our course to find out the best kept secrets of the happiest country in the world, Finland!

We focus on relevant everyday issues, answer real questions, and provide encouragement.

Are you looking for answers for daily challenges and wish to find ways to solve problems with your child?

Do you feel you would love to learn more about the fascinating job as a parent, and improve your skills and knowledge with the most successful parenting style?

Are you in a need for new inspiration and encouragement in your daily parenting?

If you are answering yes to one or more of the above questions, you have come absolutely to the right place.


For this course we have selected the best practices from Finland, both for parents as well as for professionals.

In this course, together with us, you and your child will learn the most critical skills needed in this turbulent world.

  • With our help, you will raise your child to grow emotionally strong.
  • You child will become a socially intelligent person, with exceptional communications skills.
  • Not to mention creative thinking, which is in huge demand in the future world.

These skills never grow old. They are the best gifts you can ever give to your child.


Module 1 –

‘Social skills are the key to future success’:

Having a solid set of social skills allows you to communicate and connect with other people. This is crucial for navigating through life with a better degree of satisfaction. The better social skills one has, the more opportunities there will be – at school, at work and in life in general.

In these six chapters you will learn how to support the development of social skills and how to help the child to become a true ’social skill’ champion.

  • Friendship skills 1 – making and keeping friendships with compromising skills
  • Friendship skills 2 – developing empathy skills
  • Bullying – what to think and how to react
  • From arguments to solution – how to guide a child to manage disagreements
  • Respect for others – how to raise a child to be respectful towards others
  • Different people – how to help a child to come along with different people

Module 2 –

‘Emotional skills help the child to become a true superhero’

You will get practical advice how to raise children, who are physically healthier, succeed in school, are more popular among their peers and teachers, and manage downfalls better than average. Who wouldn’t want to see these qualities in your own child?

And please remember, if you don’t manage your emotions, then your emotion’s will manage you. 

  • Emotions – how to recognize and deal with emotions
  • Feelings – How to learn to understand another person’s feelings
  • Arts and crafts – How to support emotional skills through arts and sports
  • Reading – How reading with your child develops emotional skills, creativity and futureskills
  • Anger – how to deal with it
  • Sleeping – the importance of sleep

Module 3 –

‘Cooperation skills – cooperation is everything’

Cooperation brings people closer together, helps people to learn from each other and opens up new channels for communication. Cooperation also helps us to solve problems. It is one of the most important skills the child can master. We are confident that these learnings from Finland, the happiest country in the world with the best school in the world, will be extremely useful.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


  • Strengths – How to recognize and foster child’s strengths
  • Teamwork 1 – How to teach a child the essential teamwork skills
  • Teamwork 2 – How to cooperate successfully in a group
  • Different temperaments – how to support your child’s temperament and guide him to good interaction
  • Active participant – How to learn to be an active participant in a group
  • Shyness – How to encourage a shy child to manage interactive situations better

Module 4 –

‘Creativity skills – creating something that matters’

Parents are their children’s best supporters and teachers. They know their children better than anyone else. For this reason parents play the most important role of all in raising children. This is also true of guiding creativity. No one else can do it better than you.

We believe that by far the most valuable job in the world is to be involved in raising a healthy, happy, confident, creative child. That is what this module aims to offer, great tools to help you achieve this goal.



  • Supporting creativity – how to support creativity and creative thinking of your child
  • Tools and techniques – how to encourage and practice creative thinking
  • Creativity and Innovations – how to encourage a child to try new things?
  • Creativity in arts & crafts
  • Creative toys and coding games in everyday play
  • Creativity in everyday life with children – switch routines and say yes to new learning styles

+ Bonus chapters!

  • Children’s obesity – a way to healthier lifestyle
  • Screen time – quantity and quality in daily life
  • The role of play in learning, developing and well being
  • What to do when a child wants to quit a hobby?
  • Parental wellbeing – a key to children’s wellbeing
  • Successful parenting in the digital era