Module 3 –

‘Cooperation skills – cooperation is everything’:

Cooperation brings people closer together, helps people to learn from each other and opens up new channels for communication. Cooperation also helps us to solve problems. It is one of the most important skills the child can master. We are confident that these learnings from Finland, the happiest country in the world with the best school in the world, will be extremely useful.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


  • Strengths – How to recognize and foster child’s strengths
  • Teamwork 1 – How to teach a child the essential teamwork skills
  • Teamwork 2 – How to cooperate successfully in a group
  • Different temperaments – how to support your child’s temperament and guide him to good interaction
  • Active participant – How to learn to be an active participant in a group
  • Shyness – How to encourage a shy child to manage interactive situations better

For this course we have selected the best practices from Finland, both for parents as well as for professionals.

In this course, together with us, you and your child will learn the most critical skills needed in this turbulent world.

  • With our help, you will raise your child to grow emotionally strong.
  • He will become a socially intelligent person, with exceptional communications skills.
  • Not to mention creative thinking, which is in huge demand in the future world.

These skills never grow old. They are the best gifts you can ever give to your child.